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Nano Spray On Technology – Making The Skies A Little Friendlier

December 28, 2011

This article was written by a Facebook friend named Alex Tury I thought it was interesting. I’m sure there’s a lot of this type of development going on in the world these days and this is quite encouraging. People are thinking all the time and this is what’s going to change our world for the better.

A Solar Powered Electric Aircraft, Nanosolar Spray-on Technology.

Our research group has invented a very unique nanosolar paint, which can convert visible light, infrared light, ultraviolet light, x-rays, gamma-rays, and any magnetic fields or electromagnetic fields into electric power. This nanosolar material is eight* times more efficient than regular solar cell technology. It can harvest energy on a cloudy day or even at night time.

The nanosolar material looks like a very special plastic and can be sprayed on any surface like a regular paint. The surface of an electric aircraft painted with this nanosolar material can collect enough energy to charge its batteries. Moreover, this nanosolar material allows the aircraft to absorb electromagnetic static from the airflow and convert it into reusable energy.

Thus, the aircraft power is generated from two sources: the solar source from a very wide range of solar light and the static one. In addition, our research group has invented a unique power saver. Installing the power saver means having at your disposal approximately twice the amount of the energy supplied by the sun and the wind combined. It acts as a catalyst to double the power generation in the embedded solar cell via a highly efficient electric motor.

This solar powered electric aircraft does not require any extra fuel to keep it flying. Because of its unique nanosolar spray-on technology, the aircraft batteries would completely self-charge. Velocity SE. Summary of the project: 1. A very unique nanosolar technology – the paint, which converts visible light, infrared light, ultraviolet light, x-rays, gamma-rays, and any magnetic fields or electromagnetic fields into electric power; 2. a very unique electric circuit (scheme) – the design of wiring and radio details of the power saver, which extends distance on one charge more than two and a half times; 3. a very unique power pack (energy storage) – LiFePO4 polymer batteries integrated with the power saver; 4. a very unique electric motors – capability to use DC and AC in the same time that makes the motor extremely powerful and easy to control (to operate).

This is my project. I am looking for friends, business partners, sponsors and investors for the building of a solar powered electric aircraft. If someone interested to be in this solar team, please, send me a message. A half of the job already done. Any help will be appreciated. This is the future!!! I love this project very much. It will change the World to the right way.

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National Geographic. The Gold Standard In Conservation Information

October 23, 2010

National Geographic is one of those institutions that seems to have been around forever. And regardless of their original motives, they have grown into  one of the most powerful pro-conservationist organizations in the world.

They tell amazing stories of the people and creatures that populate our planet and they have done more to inform the world of the fragility of the ecosystem that connects us all to each other and the earth.

Through their highly rated TV specials, IMAX movies, video sales and to a lesser extent, their monthly magazines, they are able to reach millions and millions of people around the world with what is a very positive message. They are truly an important part of the solution.

Their web site, like everything else they do, is strictly first class. Simple, elegant and straightforward and one of the sites I actually enjoy visiting on a regular basis. Because it makes me feel more connected to the world at large.

For anyone who wants to stay informed about the world and all the truly important things that are going on it it, this site is a weekly must-visit.

GREENLINKS #4 Rolling Greener In TO

December 18, 2009

How the City of Toronto is greening its fleet of public vehicles. We’re never really sure just how much municipal governments are really contributing to the green movement. But we do know they generally react to public pressure.

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