Hmmm Hmmm. The Future of Vroom Vroom

I saw a number of tweets this week that were linking to a company called Brammo. Evidently they have come up with a battery that has some pretty amazing power and longevity. In fact, they’re featuring this technology on a motorcycle they call the Empulse, which can go up to 100 miles per hr and has a 100 mile charge life. This is pretty amazing stuff, and I assume, only the tip of the Brammo iceburg.

If you’re at all interested in the future of non-fossil fuel powered travel, then you should, by all means, check out these folks. I think they are really onto something.



Social Media Campaign for Our Green Directory

2011 is the year we really want to put Our Green Directory on the map. So in January we’re starting a social media campaign to help us do just that. Fortunately one of the partners (Terry Lewis(, has all kinds of skills in that area.

I guess it’s a good idea when you consider that Facebook alone has 500 million users. That’s a country the size of Canada, The US and Mexico.




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