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June 24, 2009 Is Where The Green Will Get Seen.

As the ‘green’ economy continues to grow into a dominant position in the landscape of commerce, new tools will be required to carry the green message and give businesses and individual consumers alike, the information they need to make informed ’green’ decisions.

Our Green Directory (OGD) was created to be such a business tool.

Information Is Power In The Age Of Green.

OGD is designed to allow information on green businesses and services to be easily accessed by their potential customers.

It’s also designed to allow green businesses to promote themselves via sponsorships, banner advertising, couponing, feature placement & optimizable information pages that give their prospects a more in depth look at them than most directory sites currently allow.

Opportunities Abound On OGD.

Placement opportunities on our site consists of:

a)  Line Listings with full contact links.
b)  One page memberships with in-depth information
on your business and a full range of contact links.
c)  Feature placement opportunities.
d)  Banner advertising opportunities.
e)  Full sponsorship opportunities.

Affordability Is The Key To A Successful Start.

Because we want to to build our business quickly in order to help our members optimize their return on investment, we are keeping our full page membership and advertising rates very afffordable.

In fact for a limited time, we are offering line listings on Our Green Directory for a total investment of $0.

Created & Managed By Communications People Who Believe In Green.

The core group of people who created and who will manage Our Green Directory are seasoned communications professionals who believe in green living. We are specialized in creative development, web site  programming, search engine optimization & marketing.

This means that we can help you in ways that gobeyond your placement on our site. And that you can take full advantage of our extensive network of supplier services that will help you keep your company as green as the products or services you offer.

Visit and download our complete information package.

Its right on the home page…you can’t miss it. And you won’t want to because Our Green Directory is one of best new green marketing opportunities in the country.

Call: 416 463-3475